• Domestic installations & repairs
  • Powerpoints, Home lighting
  • Fans, and range hood installations
  • Air conditioning installation and repair
  • Concrete plants
  • CT metering boards
  • Generator boards, and backup control
  • Process systems
  • Grow lighting and control system
  • Machine maintenance and repairs
  • Main control cubicles
  • Test and tag

Commercial fit-outs

Our company not only offers electrical services to homes but also serves clients who have businesses and need electrical services.

All About Electrical carries out the task well and completes it on time so that you may continue with your businesses without incurring losses.


Because we are locally owned and operated, we carry out any domestic electrical service including all installations and repairs for homes, lighting, power points, fan, oven, range hood, and cooktops.

If you have to undertake any activity which involves electrical then our qualified electricians will serve you with quality.

Air Conditioning

We understand that you need fresh air that will make you comfortable and give you peace of mind. That is why we got you covered by installing air conditioning which keeps your home from overheating during the summer.

Our installation services have been highly rated by our satisfied customers.

Concrete Plants

If you have any concrete plants either fixed or mobile we can help you with electrical design, installation, or maintenance. We understand the importance of these plants to you and therefore, we will handle them with great care.


SwitchboardsWe understand the importance of saving time. That is why we will properly install a switchboard that is properly labeled so that you spend less time operating it.

Besides, we will take all precautions to ensure the safety for you and your family and your business.

Emergency lighting, lighting, and smoke alarm maintenance

All About Electrical undertakes lighting maintenance services for your home or business including emergency lighting in case of any fire outbreak. We also carry out maintenance of smoke alarm which detects smoke and alerts occupants to take precautionary measures.

Generator back up control

You may experience power rationing when you least expect it which might adversely affect your business. We offer generator back up control so that you may continue with your operations even during times of power rationing.

CT Metering Boards

Our well trained and qualified electrical technicians can handle anything all about electrical including current transformers metering board.

Proper CT metering boards will give an accurate reading that is why our qualified technicians undertake this task keenly and accurately.

Motor Control

We conduct motor control for all devices that is all about electrical. While undertaking this task, we pay close attention to electricity overload and all other safety precautions.

Process System

We quickly and efficiently troubleshoot all process systems that are not properly functioning to ensure optimal function.

Grow lighting and control systems for greenhouse production

If you are farming in the greenhouse and need light to grow, we will help you properly install it on your farm. Lighting enhances the growth of your crops in the greenhouse that is why you need a professional to properly install it for you.

Machine maintenance and repairs

We carry out machine repair such as repair of an electric machine water pump and maintain it to increase its life span. Properly maintained electrical machines will last for a longer period.

Test and Tag

Test and tagOur company also carries out a test on your electrical device to confirm if it is functioning well before we undertake any repair. This helps us to detect where the fault is and carry out the repair.

Main Control Cubicles

With our well-experienced electricians, we carry out main control cubicles on electrical devices correctly, efficiently, and effectively to avoid any potential danger or loss which might occur. Therefore, it is all about electrical.